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Tempeh UK
Tempeh is such a versatile and nutritious alternative to meat, but seems to be over-shadowed here in the UK by Tofu.

About Tempeh UK

Welcome to Tempeh UK

My Mission – Tempeh Nutrition! 



Tempeh (pronounced tem-pay) is a great alternative to tofu and has its own distinctive flavour. Nutty and bursting with savoury colours I have decided to showcase some of the great recipes from around the Net without the use of the terms ‘rad’ and ‘awesome’. From Tempeh bacon to delicious marinades to complement your Tempeh dishes, it’s here in the UK and ready to take on Tofu and delight your taste buds!


Tempeh in its raw form

I am no genius cook or overly-important food journalist, but I know good wholesome food when I see it and taste it. Since trying Tofu for the first time over ten years ago in Sao Paulo, Brazil, I have attempted – and failed miserably – to enjoy the wonders of this meat alternative that everyone around me seems to embrace.  

Tempeh Pizza

Discover Tempeh with Tempeh UK!

I have had the privilege of visiting lots of places in Europe that have served up the most delicious vegan and vegetarian food, but still Tofu hasn’t grabbed me. Discovering Tempeh is why this site is here: to celebrate the emergence of Tempeh in the UK and to make more people aware that there is a delicious alternative to Tofu and a plethora of Tempeh recipes to enjoy!

About Tempeh UK

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