Holland & Barrett expand in Birmingham, but no Tempeh…!?

Holland & Barrett expand in Birmingham, but no Tempeh…!?

Show me the Tempeh!!

My trip yesterday to Intu’s Merry Hill shopping centre just outside Dudley began with dismay. As I made my way to the Holland & Barrett store I found it replaced by a gadget shop (which almost made my disappointment better instantly). I wasn’t going to give up my hunt for Tempeh that easily and taking the next corner I was suddenly bathed in the light of a brand-spanking, expanded Holland & Barrett store!

Skipping – ok, walking quickly – through the double doors I bee-lined for the refrigerated section and could already see the VBites label winking at me from numerous packages – but not one was a tempeh treat! No matter how much I pressed my nose against the fridge glass and hoped there was no soybean salvation! A shop assistant was unable to tell me whether tempeh will be stocked in the near future even though the older/smaller shop did have it…?

V Bites Cheatin Tempeh Rashers1

I settled for two bottles of Co-enzyme Q10 to help me with my statin intake (yippee) and a £29 bill!!

I think it’s great that health food shops are on the up and up but I won’t be satisfied until tempeh has it’s proper place in them. Come on H&B get your act together!

If you’re interested in checking out the new Holland & Barrett in Intu’s Merry Hill then here’s the opening times and address: 

Monday to Friday: 9:00am ’til 9:00pm



Contact Information

Holland & Barrett
Lower Mall, Brierley Hill, West Midlands, DY5 1QX
01384 483 584